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We are looking for teachers in paid and volunteer positions for pre-primary grades (nursery to kindergarten) who are motivated to work with challenges-opportunities of first generation school-going children from disadvantaged socio-economic communities.


  • Fluent or a basic working knowledge of Assamese, or willing to work as or with a teaching assistant to bridge the language gap

  • Encourage curiosity driven play and exploration based learning to facilitate the child's inherent ability to “learn how to learn”

  • Either have or are willing to pursue through either distant-learning or local institutes, recognized degrees for teachers in pre-primary education. (Degrees related to higher education, ranging from primary to secondary, are also welcome)

We are also looking for people who can help us with:​

  • Development and management of websites and social media

  • Fundraising: ranging from researching various funding options to completing application processes

  • Non-profit management, which includes ability to manage related financial, legal, and governmental bureaucratic processes

  • Construction activities with participation of local communities for the process of incrementally building the school's physical and soft infrastructure


  • Salary for paid positions that is competitive in the local context or as applicable

  • Lodging arrangements with people of the local communities

Interested candidates should email their applications to

Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

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